A symbol of Affluence

Indus Empire exudes a magnificent aura of class with its exemplary demeanor and stature. Marvelous architecture that efficiently embodies the luxurious lifestyle that is the true staple of every apartment in Bahria town Karachi. From alluring amenities to adequate security, life at Indus Empire is sure to fill you with pleasure and delight and satisfy your natural urge to be a tad better than the best.

Elegantly Opulent

As quite visibly alluring from its ambience, one can always be sure that each 3 bed apartment for sale in bahria town karachi by Indus Empire surely piques your interest for the living standard you have always desired. From an aesthetic point of view the debonair look of the entire premise is truly inviting that begins with a classy reception and spacious waiting area, leading you from exquisite elevators to exceptional passageways and finally leading to the epitome of comfort in your home. The neat shopping complex below with shops ranging from cosy to grand provide an efficient enhancement to the business of every brand that chooses to locate and enhance its business. The primary touch of finality is bolted through the classy vicinity of the project itself. Only a few minutes away from the main gate and right next to the theme park which has ensured that Indus Empire is located at literally the liveliest place in the whole society of Bahria Town Karachi.


Security has been given a paramount priority in the Indus Empire. We aim to ensure that you are and feel the safest and most comfortable at your home. With CCTV surveillance round-the-clock and backup generators for uninterrupted electricity supply, Indus Empire ensures that the time you spend at home is truly a bliss. The Indus Empire shall be looked as the primary residence for people who are looking to truly live life as it was meant to be, filled with comfort and luxury.

Indus Empire is a project that was created by a collaboration of the rising stars in the Real Estate development Industry. Indus Estate & Builders, Estate Markaz and Dahri Associates have created a team that speaks of success at every turn. With a plethora of successful projects behind the team like Empire Hill View and Empire Business Center, both situated in Bahria Town Karachi, Indus Empire is definitely not the first project by the team that is bound to be successful.